Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Lori Pynn

So many families to speak of, so many children to speak for. One has to be crazy not to get involved on some level. Least it be you one day.
I have been in so many chat rooms and still find myself arguing with naive people about the `good` that CAS or CPS is doing. I am still seeing comments of `well if nothing was wrong she wouldn`t have lost her children`. Least we forget nothing needs to be wrong, the only thing that has to happen is a phone call. An irate spouse, angry friend, a misinformed teacher. Just one call. Many workers (intake and case workers) are out of school in a year. Social service worker program is two years.
Lets think about that, basically by age 21 you can decide on the future of a family. Families are forced to reason with near teenagers who have no life experience, no children and no common sense.
This brings me to a case that I have been following for a little while. Lori Pynn. Lori lost her twins. Lori posts daily about her pain. Lori lives in a cloud of fear. Lori seems to be a wonderful witty person. She adores her children and speaks of little else. Yet her broken heart is easy to see, her tears easily heard.
Below is a story about mental health issues, dare not judge as to many people suffer from mental health issues which can be little more then anxiety. God help you if you are on anti depressants, as this to has been used as a tool against parents.
I will start with a picture of a grandmother in pain, I cried when I first viewed this picture. This is Lori`s mother saying goodbye to her grandchildren. Veil is lifted folks, extended family rarely gets custody.

Now let`s start from the start.
1) Lori Pynn gave birth to Brian and Bailey February 2009.

2) Child welfare visited Lori for the 3rd time in 2 years with allegations that she was not going to counselling appointments. Lori had her hands full and had other priorities (rightfully so). Lori had many other supports in place including family and friends.
3) The twins were born at 39.5 weeks, after staying in the hospital for 2 months Lori more then had her hands full. Her house was clean and her priority was to keep the twins from outside elements.
4) She was then accused of having emotional problems (welcome to parenthood) Of coarse she was agitated by the harassment and emotional. I would be as well.
Her twins were removed, her other children remain. I am wondering now how we can deem a parent unfit yet leave other children in the home? This certainly needs to be addressed. It is happening far to often.

I will take a quote from Lori to finish her story with:
Although the death of my Children was not Physical....i assure you, the spiritual Death is Quite Agonizing.
Child Welfare Kidnapped my children in the name of "Protection", ...The Director .. along with her Lawyer, lied to a Judge and court of law to keep/ sell?..my children......
I am intimidated,belittled and laughed at constantly when i fight for my babies ...you see they left me with some of my kids..so i am told NEVER to "question this"..or else (my other children are in danger of a good ol' child welfare snatching)

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